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Find out when it is worth wearing women’s artificial jewellery! 0

Artificial jewellery is primarily characterized by a lower, attractive price. It is worth noting, however, that this does not characterize the appearance of the accessories - they are equally phenomenal and made to serve their owner for a long time. Nor should they be associated with cheap bazaar jewellery. Read on to find out when women’s artificial jewellery works best!

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Discover jewellery designs that will work for any occasion! 0

Jewellery is an accessory that every woman, and often men, have in their box. Thanks to a properly selected accessory, each styling, even the everyday one, can look phenomenal, and the owners of trinkets can stand out from the crowd with their sense of style. If you want to know jewellery designs that will undoubtedly work for any occasion, read on!

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Discover the advantages of designer artificial jewellery! 0

Styling accessories are often a key element in its reception, so it is worth preparing accessories that will be perfect for any occasion. However, it is not easy to find the perfect earrings or a matching necklace, and the quality of the products offered, as well as allergies or price, are in the way. Find out why it is worth betting on designer artificial jewellery!


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Occasions for which you should prepare a set of fashionable jewellery! 0

Each party is associated with the preparation of the perfect stylization, which is impossible to achieve without well-chosen accessories. During each outing, a set of fashionable jewellery is useful, which, depending on the outfit, will add character or subtlety. A good quality set can accompany its owner for many years and reliably serve her on many occasions. Read on to find out more!


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Flower, butterfly or bee hair clip - the big comeback of hair clips 0

A hair clip is an accessory that was created many years ago for the convenience of the fair sex to help keep the hairstyle in order. Currently, however, it arouses controversial feelings - on one hand, it is associated with the kitsch of the 90s, on the other it is a charming addition and variety to a girl's outfit, which may have a deeper meaning. Especially cute are the bee hair clips, popular for over a year now!

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Unique Russian wedding ring, a wedding ring with a deep meaning 0

A wedding is a beautiful and long-awaited moment in the life of every couple in love. This ceremony is usually directly related to the oath of love and the mutual handing over of rings as a sign of love. There are many types of wedding rings - from smooth, through studded with stones, engraved, to the so-called Russian wedding rings, which are unique, triple rings of multilevel importance.

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How to wear cufflinks? Check what you need to know to avoid a fashion mishap! 0

Cufflinks are a great way to spice up men's styles! Thanks to them, the outfit looks elegant and original. However, you have to remember, that the desired effect will only be achieved if the jewelry is well-fitted and properly worn! How to wear cufflinks? Check what you need to know in order not to make popular mistakes and avoid a fashion mishap!

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Which necklace for a dress? 7 rules for choosing jewelry for the neckline 0

Most models of dresses look great in the company of necklaces. What's more, properly selected jewelry not only diversifies the stylization, but can also completely change it. However, it is worth noting, that the whole look must be coherent and well composed. Which dress necklace will provide such an effect? Learn the seven rules for choosing jewelry for the neckline of your dress!

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Which women's necklace should you choose for your beloved woman? Check what to look for! 0

Jewelry is a great way to express your feelings! Stylish ornaments will surely appeal to almost every woman, and thanks to their exceptional durability, they will become a sentimental souvenir. One of the most universal trinkets are necklaces that are eagerly worn by ladies of all ages. What women's necklace will work as a gift for the loved one? We advise you on what to look for to meet women's taste!

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What necklace for a man? 3 ideas for an original gift 0

Are you looking for an unusual gift for a man? Stylish jewellery can be an excellent solution, which will not only emphasize the styling, but also become a sentimental souvenir! A man's necklace can be a subtle decoration which will be perfect for everyday use. A wide selection of jewellery will allow you to match it not only with the style, but also with the interests of the person you want to present with. What necklace for a man should you consider? We present you three ideas for an original gift!

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Find out which earring for a fresh piercing will ensure comfort and proper healing! 0

Although ear-piercing is a rather safe procedure, it does require certain rules to be followed. Thanks to them, the healing process runs smoothly and the risk of possible infections is significantly reduced. What recommendations should be followed after the procedure and which earring for a fresh piercing should be chosen? Check what you need to know to avoid unpleasant complications!

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How to dress when you are mother of the bride? Earrings, shoes, dress hot choices! 0

A wedding is a great opportunity for parents of the bride and groom to dress beautifully. The choice of styling is endless, but not every style is suitable for the occasion. As the mother of the bride, choosing earrings, dresses and shoes to delight your wedding guests can be really difficult. We have prepared a short guide for you, thanks to which you will save yourself a lot of stress and at the same time find an outfit perfect for this special day.

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How to clean gold at home - check our tips 0

Gold jewelry is a perfect addition to any styling, not only formal, but also casual. If worn every day, however, it may turn gray or dirty, so it will lose its shine and will no longer look equally delightful. In that case, you have two solutions: you can have it cleaned and pay for the service, or you can learn how to clean gold at home with simple methods.

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Are there specific rules who buys jewelry? 0

Jewelry is strongly associated with women, while many TV commercials, posters and leaflets are mainly targeted at men who can give a loved woman a beautiful set of jewelry. Until recently, buying trinkets for women by men was extremely popular. Today, however, these products are being bought by both genders - both as a gift idea for the other half and for themselves. Who buys jewelry in the 21st century?

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How to care for jewelry - homemade jewelry cleaner recipe 0

Every woman, as well as many men, loves jewelry. These small ornaments have accompanied mankind since the dawn of time, they are found even in ancient paintings. The only thing that changed were the materials from which they were made. We currently have hundreds of different types of jewelry to choose from, including gold, silver, titanium, and surgical steel. How to care for each of these types of jewelry? What is the recipe to create a homemade jewelry cleaner?

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What accessories to a red dress should you choose? Check our suggestions! 0

Feminine, effective and perfect for any occasion - that's what a dress is like! If you decide on a model in a resolute, energizing color, you can be sure that you will not go unnoticed. Reach for a dress in the color of wild poppies and amaze everybody with a complete look. How? Be sure to check what accessories you should choose to a red dress & feel great in every style!

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